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About the project.

This is a partner project with Arming Sisters. Because physical self defense isn’t the only type that survivors of sexual assault need. We have a phone line you can call where your words will be recorded and posted here. 

You can leave your name, or remain anonymous as Jane or John Doe. We’d appreciate if you’d say what state/country you’re calling from, because we’ll be making a map to give a visual image of how widespread the support is. In the coming weeks, we’ll also be soliciting video messages of support, but the phone line will remain.

If you’re a survivor, what words helped you the most? Were there words you wish someone had said to you? If you’re a supporter, what would you say to your child, your sibling, your parent, or your friend? 

The project is twofold: There are people out there who need to hear these words and may not have this kind of support around them, or they may not yet be in a place to reach out. This is a place they can go without fear, remaining anonymous yet still receiving support. But just as importantly: There are people out there who would like to learn what to say. 

So call and speak your strength. Speak your truths. (605) 229-9089

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